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Our electricians are well versed in handling any type of electrical jobs. But we would like to discuss to you now the scope of their residential ability. We can handle everything that concerns any job from minor to major repairs and installations. We can also handle home remodeling if that concerns rewiring. We can also handle circuit panel upgrades to be able to meet the demands the modern homes nowadays. Remodeling old homes to conform to the present home will never be easy and economical. There are lots of upgrades that must be done in a house before we can make it conform to the standards electricity wise. One way to make our home updated with the electrical standards nowadays is to hire an electrician.

We have electricians that are dedicated in handling all types of electrical jobs that you may need. We will make sure that your electrical systems will be boosted and your home’s value will also be improved. We provide top of the line electrical solutions for homeowners from the minute problem to the biggest one. For older houses, the project must start with a home rewiring. Rewiring is the start of the home remodeling. It should be one. This is to make sure that the wire can handle the load of all the appliances we have at home. This is one way to be sure that our electrical system will not bring us into fire. All the outlets and switches will be replaced too.

Our electricians are also available for electrical jobs during home remodels as well as new construction wiring through to electrical inspection and repair and also identifying hidden wiring issues.

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Before we consider the scope of the job and the amount that we need to spend on it. We need to consider our safety first. It is still much better than being at risk all the time because of the old wiring we have at home. Let our electricians check your wiring and assess the scope of the job. A top notch electrical work will make sure that your home remodeling will be a fabulous one. So, your home remodeling must start with an electrical plan. That is to make sure that your dreams will be fulfilled. You can be sure that our electricians will handle the job well.

Our electricians are well versed in handling the following:

  • New construction
  • Service upgrades
  • Rewiring
  • Remodeling
  • Breaker panel repairs and replacement
  • Repair and replacement of outlets and switches
  • New light and switch replacement and installation
  • Custom lighting installation
  • Security for garden and lighting outdoors
  • Electrical inspection services
  • Basement wiring finishing
  • Home theater wiring
  • Home entertainment appliances installation and wiring system
  • Code corrections
  • Basic electrical troubleshooting
  • Insurance claim guide
  • Home intercom system
  • Appliance circuits
  • Bathtub electrical installation
  • Fans and switches
  • Lighting control
  • Underground wiring installation
  • Exhaust fans and AC
  • Installation of generators
  • Lighting design and controls

We handle the needs of our residential clients. But be mindful that this is not our primary concentrations. We are also handling commercial, industrial and family maintenance based on your needs.